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When is it time to part ways with your favorite pair of panties?

When is it time to part ways with your favorite pair of panties?

They’re in there somewhere. I know they're in there, I just washed them!  In a hurry and rustling through that top underwear drawer like there's no tomorrow. Ugh, where are they!? … Rummaging a bit more... Wah-lah! Found’em!... Well turns out, that even our luckiest comfiest pair of panties have an expiration date. And it may be sooner than you think.

I get it, I know the feeling. I was attached to my Motherhood underwear well after having babies. Dingy, faded, and worn out... Couldn't get rid of them. My husband absolutely hated those unattractive things but I didn't care. They were my favs. It was like losing your favorite stuffed animal as a child. 

After learning more about how often we should be replacing our underwear, I decided to sadly say goodbye to my “granny panties”, as my husband would call them. Most recommendations to replace your underwear are 6-12 months, however, there is no definitive answer as there are many factors to consider when deciding your current underwear lifespan.

First, I must state the obvious. If any of your undergarments have holes or stains, sorry but it’s time to trash them. Whew.. okay.. now that we got that out of the way, let's dig a little deeper. 

How many pairs are in your rotation? Ones that are worn for special occasions only, will last you a lot longer. 

Frequently worn underwear (1-2 times a week) You may have noticed are now stretched out. Stretched-out fabrics and elastics are a definite sign to replace them and invite new pairs into your wardrobe.

Fading. Sad to say, but if you no longer can see those cute little red hearts designed on your panties, it may be time to purchase some new ones. The odds of finding a new pair with a new cute pattern are promising. :)

Body changes. Your body is amazing and will undeniably go through tons of changes in life! If your underwear is fitting too tight or too loose, it's probably time to downsize or upsize. Your correct size will not only offer comfort as well as coverage, but you will FEEL better wearing them.

How can you avoid saying goodbye to your favorites too soon? 

Keep your underwear lasting longer with some TLC. Hand washing your delicates, especially lacy and/or embroidered lingerie is best for preservation. Run lukewarm water in the sink with a gentle wash. Swish it around to distribute the water evenly, throw those bad boys in and let them soak for 30 minutes. Next, take them out and run each piece under lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Always hang dry. If you must use the washer, it's okay! It's better than not washing at all. Use a lingerie bag and run the washer on a delicate cycle. Always hang dry.

Lastly, know there is no need for a huge panty party and you don't have to splurge all at once unless, of course, you want to :) Buying over time and only replacing the ones you've retired is just fine.

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