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Unapologetic In Lace

Unapologetic In Lace

Ladies, how amazing would it feel to never be judged for every little thing?

As women, we often live with intense feelings of pressure to always look “put together". Be a lady.. be proper.. look happy.. express feelings without being overly emotional… just be.. well, Perfect. Then of course there are physical looks and the shapes of our bodies. Social pressure toward women is constant, cultural, and even historical. Living in a society based on unrealistic looks that simply don't exist, it's no wonder why the thought of lingerie can be intimidating for some of us. As a 36 yr old woman, a wife, and mom of 2 girls, the pressure to be “a lady” is exhausting. I'm here to encourage you to embrace yourself and set yourself free!

As the first thing a woman puts on in the morning and the last thing you take off at the end of the day, lingerie is personal. Whether it be more reserved or risqué, lingerie provides the freedom for individuality. It gives us the chance to express our identity that we maybe weren’t able to project externally.

Shop for colors you like and styles that are tasteful to YOU! Feeling a little more modest? Go for a one-piece and a light sexy robe to match. Feeling a bit more risqué? Grab that crotchless panty and whip! Have fun! Every body is a lingerie body. There are endless options of styles, colors, prints, and sizes for every body. Don't be hesitant, our bodies are incredible! Appreciate, embrace and remember that self-love is never selfish.

Learn to love yourself and be your own muse. We, strong women, are breaking from the bubble of society's unrealistic expectations.

Celebrate yourself, unapologetically!


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